Jørgen Larsen

Leadership and Management in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Jørgen Larsen has been working in software development for the last 20 years as a developer, project manager, manager, marketeer, CTO, COO ad CEO. Over this period he has accumulated extensive experience and knowledge of the software development process, including methodologies, management, estimation, process improvement, quality assurance and recruitment. He focuses on delivering quality products and solutions, on time, by using people-oriented processes, and is skilled at building strong team environments with open communication. Jørgen Larsen combines a high degree of technical knowledge with experience in communicating complex technical issues to non-technical people.


■ I will build high performance organisations with trust, freedom and openness.
■ I will care for people much more than for high profit margins.
■ I will embrace and respect the values of others.
■ I will protect the people in my organisation from business bullshit.
■ I will openly collaborate with partners and customers.
■ I will act as a servant leader.

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